VIP treatment

Learning to drive is a very personal process.  No two pupils are the same and no two driving lessons are the same.  My promise to you is that I will teach you at the right pace for you – so that you’ll be ready for your driving test as soon as possible.  Always making progress but never rushing.  Examples of VIP treatment include:Driving lessons success

  • Mock tests – I’m a great believer in these.  A well delivered, properly undertaken Mock Test on the actual test route in St Albans, Borehamwood or Watford is a great pointer to how things might go in the real thing
  • Nervous pupils – as all good driving instructors should, I have infinite patience.  So I positively welcome nervous pupils
  • Pupils for whom English is not their first language – again patience is the key and there is much that can be accomplished with a sympathetic attitude, hand signs and a warm and friendly tone of voice

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