Preparing for the Theory Test

Ideally you should study for the Theory test in the early stages of your practical learning through driving lessons.  The two go hand in hand, for example it will help you to develop a better understanding of the what road signs and markings mean, and why they are there.

The Theory test itself is split into two parts. First there are 50 multiple choice questions, of which you have to get 43 correct, and secondly a Hazard Perception element with a series of videoed road scenes in which you are invited to anticipate and respond to potential danger.  This video expercise is out of 75 and you need to score 44 or more.

As far as study material is concerned the choice of guides is endless.  My advice is to get an official “DSA” publication.  The “Driving Standards Agency” is the body that designs and regulates the Theory and Practical Test.  You can download their publications online or buy hard copies, obviously that depends on how you study more effectively.  A good start is to read the Highway Code from cover to cover a couple of times, its all in there.

These are also useful websites to look at :

Booking your Theory Test

When you’re ready to book your test if you do it online make sure you book through

Be careful NOT to use any other website because there are many other “official looking” websites which take a £20 fee – you should not pay more that the standard £31.

The nearest centre to St Albans is in Watford. When you go be sure to take both parts of your provisional licence. You will need them to take the test, and you will not be allowed to take the test without them.

If you’re not yet a student learning to drive with me, click here to confirm dates and times for booking driving lessons.