How to give yourself the best possible chance of passing

In St Albans, more people fail their driving test than pass …

In 2011, 1.3 million people in the UK sat the driving test.  Yet of those only 507,000 passed.  That’s just 39%.  So more than 6 out of 10 people were left disappointed and considerably out of pocket.  Look deeper and the pass rate for 1st time candidates is even lower.  Worse still the pass rate is on a downward curve, and is expected to carry on in that direction.

In St Albans the current passrate is 40%, very much in line with the national figure.

So the test gets harder, but I am proud that I consistently outperform that average pass rate.  This takes effort and perseverance, from instructor and pupil.  Above all you need to be fully prepared in all the aspects of your driving.

Click Here then select ‘Multi-year Stats’ to look through the Pass Rates for all of the test centres in the UK.

To get that licence first time you need to prepare properly

Listed below you’ll be able to access a great deal of background information about different aspects of the test, I hope that you take the time to browse through because if you do, it will give you a flavour of how much is involved, and why it helps to be prepared:

Preparing for the Theory Test – advice and links to get yourself ready

Preparing for the Practical Test – key junctions in the St Albans test route

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