How much?

Driving lesson prices and offers in the St Albans, Hatfield and Welwyn areas – and throughout Hertfordshire.  Including driving lesson offers for beginner drivers, for block booking driving lessons, for intensive driving courses and for Pass Plus.

  • My most popular offer: 5 hours for just £75, top value at just £15 per hour for beginners only
  • Save money by booking 10 hours of driving lessons for just £230.  That’s great value
  • An intensive driving course of 20 full hours of tuition for £420
  • The regular price for driving lessons is £25 per hour
  • Specially tailored Pass Plus lessons are £27 per hour



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Driving lessons don’t have to be the classic hour or two hours

Please don’t think only in terms of 1 hour or 2 hour driving lessons.  I have found that 1½ hour driving lessons suit many pupils.  This is in terms of the time you can spend concentrating and learning.  Plus taking a block of 10 hours in 1½ hour driving lessons makes that investment go further.

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